I ripped yr heart out from yr chest
Replaced it with a grenade blast


Firefighters hose me down
I don’t care I’ll burn out anyhow
It’s 4 alarm girl nothing to see
Hear the sirens come for me
You dosed my soul with gasoline
You flicked a match into my brain


The firefighters are so nice
I remember you so cold as ice
Now flames are licking at yr feet
Sirens come to put me out of misery
You wave yr torch into my eyes
Flamethrower lover burning mind


Puccini, Vissi d’arte (from Tosca)
Maria Callas, soprano

I lived for art, I lived for love,
I never harmed a living soul!
With a discreet hand
I relieved all misfortunes I encountered.

Always with sincere faith
my prayer
rose to the holy tabernacles.
Always with sincere faith
I decorated the altars with flowers.

In this hour of grief,
why, why, Lord,
why do you reward me thus?

I donated jewels to the Madonna’s mantle,
and offered songs to the stars and heaven,
which thus shone with more beauty.
In this hour of grief,
why, why, Lord,
ah, why do you reward me thus?